Primary Contact NameAndy P. Smith
Artist NameAndy P. Smith
CountryUnited States

Andy P. Smith is known for the depth of his “pocket” as a performer, his uncanny versatility as a pedagogue, and his wit and creativity as a composer. Recent CD recordings include Angel Roman's "Festive Interplay," "Deliberations" by Erik Unsworth, and Batuquê Trio’s 2022 sophomore recording (publication pending). Andy studied contemporary Brazilian Samba-Jazz drumming in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with grant-funding, and has been a repeat clinician/performer at the Jazz Education Network Convention, and PASIC. Recent appearances include the inaugural David Baker Guest Artist Series concert at The IU Jacobs School of Music, and Ciudad Juarez International Jazz Festival. Andy's compositions are performed internationally and have been featured at PASIC and the Midwest Clinic. Andy is Director of Percussion Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso, serves on the PAS University Pedagogy Committee, and endorses Pearl/Adams, Evans Drumheads, Zildjian Cymbals, and IP.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic / Performance
Session TitleDrum Set Solo Repertory: Developing Proficiency Through Modern Art Pieces
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As a drum set drummer and a university percussion professor, I have a special interest in facilitating the development of drum set skills in total percussion students. Listening to the recorded heritage of the drum-set along with extensive ensemble experience is critical to the competent development of any drum set drummer. Recently, I have also observed the emergence of new outstanding solo works, and witnessed the profound impact the process of learning a challenging solo work can have on a total percussion student. Alexis C. Lamb's Post-Lightened is a stand-out work - an Art piece with a unique voice, that retains elements of the instrument's roots in ensemble musics, cleverly twisting folkloric samba rhythms into new polyrhythmic textures, and celebrating the backbeat through minimalism. I coached a graduate student through this work, and was blown away by his transformation.

In this session, I propose to perform drum-set solo pieces, exhibiting a variety of diverse styles as well as types of works with varying degrees of specific notation vs. improvisation. The performance pieces stand on their own. However, I will also present specific challenges unique to each work, demonstrating distinct practice strategies, and of course, citing appropriate background research (listening lists!).

The program would include:
The Drum Also Waltzes/The Drum Also Rumbas - my take on the standard, recontextualizing Max-isms in rumba guaguanco and bembe. (see YouTube link)
A select classic from Aukofer, Sanderbeck, or Wahlund featuring my student, Bert Villegas, a PAS Neil Peart Scholarship winner, and a semi-finalist in the 2022 PAS Drum Set competition.
Trigon by Alexis C. Lamb - a newly commissioned work for drum-set with fixed media
Burnt Heads - a newly commissioned work by Chris Wabich for drum-set soloist integrating riqq
2 Maracatu for Drum Set Duo - with drummer Marcus Finnie (see YouTube link)

Total number of people who will perform/present on this session3
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