Artist Selection Process

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The PASIC selection process is competitive and rigorous, and seeks to determine a balance of artists, musical genres and instrumentation. Each year more than 500 applications are received as proposals for presenting a session at the next year’s PASIC, and in some categories it is common that the ratio of applications received to the total number of available sessions in that category exceeds 8 to 1.

The process begins with applications being submitted online in November, and are accepted through January.

Artists, the companies that support them, or any other interested party may submit an application on behalf of the artist. All PAS Committees are asked to submit proposals for sessions in their category as well. PAS does not provide financial support for PASIC artists or sessions.

Each application must indicate which category the artist is to be considered: Drumset, Education, Electronic/Technology, Ensemble, Focus Day, Health and Wellness, Keyboard, Marching, Research, Symphonic, or World. In addition, it must be made clear on the application what Type of Session the artist is proposing: Clinic, Clinic/Performance, Concert, Drum Circle, Evening Concert, Lab, Lecture/Presentation, Master Class, Panel Discussion, Research Paper, Research Poster, Paper/Poster Presentation, or Workshop. Definitions for each session type are included on the application form. All submitted applications must at minimum, include a brief description of the proposed session, biographical materials and recent photograph, as well as optional supporting audio or video files.

All applications are checked against a master artist history file to verify when the proposed artist/group has previously presented a session at PASIC. Artists may not present more frequently than 2 of every 3 years. Proposed artists who are not eligible will not have their applications forwarded for consideration. It is not favorable for an artist or group to apply or be accepted in back to back years.

The selection process, is a blind, three tiered review, where both comments and rankings are made before final selections are determined. The first round begins with committee members reviewing and ranking all of the applications under their particular specialty category. The second round is with the committee chairs; where they review and rank the applications separately from their respective committees. And the final round of reviews and selections, are made by the PASIC Director and Board of Directors Executive Committee.

In order to make the final determination for invitations, the PASIC Director and Executive Committee study all of the proposals and Committee & Chair recommendations/rankings, and work toward a broad diversity of artists, representation of numerous and varied musical styles, diversity of corporate sponsors, a mix of session types and categories, and an assortment of instrumentation. Announcements are made for the current year’s PASIC in May.

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