Artist Review Instructions

PASIC Application Reviewing Guidelines

The peer reviewing of applications for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) is an important step in establishing a world-class event with diverse programming. Transparency with how applications are evaluated and the ability to provide commentary for other evaluators and feedback for the applicant is a crucial element of this process. The following guidelines will assist evaluators in using the evaluation template for each of the applications they will be reviewing.


The following four criteria elements have been established to aid evaluators with assessing applications:

1. Clarity of application and objectives

2. Significance of proposed topic

3. Frequency of application or similar topic on recent PASIC programs

4. Contribution to the overall PASIC experience


Each of the above criteria will be evaluated on a point scale between 0 and 25 points. With 4 criteria elements to evaluate, the highest score that an application can receive is 100 points.

An interactive sliding mechanism is provided on the evaluation template so that you can apply the score that is appropriate for each of the criteria.


To help with evaluation and assigning points, there are five smaller point categories within the 25-point scale for each of the criteria items:

  • Does not meet the basic expectations [0 points]
  • Has potential but is lacking scope and detail [1-4 points]
  • Contains many positive attributes [5-10 points]
  • Has many strengths and great potential [11-17 points]
  • Is of the highest merit [18-25 points]

These have been designed and worded to aid the evaluator with assigning a score. A visual of the point scale and rubric description is as follows:


Providing input for other evaluators and feedback for the applicant is an important part of this process. There are two comment boxes provided in the evaluation form:

  • Comments for Evaluators
    • These comments are anonymous and can only be seen by evaluators at the various levels of the review process. They are not shared with the applicant.
  • Comments for Applicants
    • These comments are anonymous and can only be seen by the applicant. They will automatically be sent to the email address associated with the submission once the review process has been completed.


Once you have completed evaluating the application, use the submit button to input your scores and comments. You will complete this process for each application in your area.