Primary Contact NameAlex Cohen
Artist NameAlex Cohen
CountryUnited States

Named by Drumhead Magazine as one of the drummers 'Raising the Bar' with cutting-edge concepts, New York-born Alex Cohen has made a career of releasing innovative, progressive, and boundary-pushing content. His first book 'Ultimate Progressive Drumming', released on Hudson Music, was hailed as 'a modern classic' by drummers ranging from Charley Drayton, to Derek Roddy, to Robby Ameen. Alongside drummers Yoni Madar and Ramon Montagner (also featured on the same cover) they've worked together to release and teach ideas that push the boundaries of contemporary drumset playing. Cohen's second book with Montagner entitled 'Extreme Speed and Polyrhythmic Concepts' is also due to be released in March on Hudson Music.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic / Performance
Session TitleAlex Cohen and Ramon Montagner Masterclass
Session Description (2000 characters or less)

Using demonstrations of the concepts from their upcoming book 'Extreme Polyrhythm and Speed Techniques', drummers Alex Cohen and Ramon Montagner will show how they've combined their approaches to pushing the boundaries of contemporary drumming into a unique fusion of rhythmic ideas that provide a potentially infinite amount of exploration. Already, the book has been receiving rave reviews from some of the greatest drummers and educators in the world, who are hailing the techniques and approaches as 'groundbreaking' and 'genius'.

Topics include:

-Ramon's approach to push-pull, dual grip, and slide technique as well as the mechanics for development
-Alex's approach to double bass (including classical snare pieces in the feet) and the mechanics for his unique technique
-Ramon's approach to using his techniques for Brazilian independence and contemporary rhythms
-Alex's use of freehand, and 'layering' of extended techniques to produce a 'Double Drummer Effect'
-Approaches to ambidexterity and limb equalization for various approaches
-The process used to apply these techniques musically with dynamics and precision
-How they've combined their approaches in the upcoming book through a unique fusion of different backgrounds and training
-Performances by both artists demonstrating their concepts within complete solo contexts

Total number of people who will perform/present on this session2
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