Primary Contact NameDavid Whitman
Artist NameDavid Whitman
CountryUnited States

David Whitman is an internationally renowned recording artist, and one of Southern California’s preeminent percussionists. Praised for his versatility and musicianship, he possesses a high level of skill across a broad range of percussion styles and ensemble situations. Critics provide affirmation ; “His spirit echoes the playing of Art Blakey,” and “his goal of capturing the high standards of … prestigious jazz labels is dazzlingly achieved,” with playing that is hailed as “swinging,” “mesmerizing,” and “invigorating,” with “mesmerizing brushwork,” “youthful exuberance,” and “deft technical skill.” He is a REMO artist/educator, an Independent Music Award winner, and has so far, performed professionally (or recorded his own music) with Johnny Mathis, Itzhak Perlman, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Pete Townshend, Geoffrey Keezer, The Who, Bernadette Peters, Ledisi, Roger Nierenberg, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, California Chamber Orchestra, The San Diego Symphony Orchestra, and so many others.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic / Performance
Session TitleDrum Set and Yamaha SPD-SX Sampler Pad
Session Description (2000 characters or less)

In this clinic performance, experienced orchestral and jazz percussionist Dr. David Whitman lectures and demonstrates a variety of topics relating to drum set performance, solo drum set performance, and the incorporation of the SPD-SX including but not limited to, balance and touch, musicianship, tips related to performance, audience engagement, and new music, techniques and specific stroke and stroke-type mechanics, practice methods and strategies, and more. This exciting, energetic, and fresh session will involve the performance of a handful of solos, concluding with a performance of "Back Pocket," by Mat Campbell, a brand new solo for expanded drum set and SPD-SX pad that Mat composed and dedicated to David, and set to be published by C. Alan in the summer of 2023. David will also speak about finding ones own way musically, attitudes and feelings toward new music and what that can mean, and the importance and pervasiveness of new music in his performance-centered career. Roughly 20 minutes of structured performance consisting of 4 solo works and the rest lecture with demonstration.

Total number of people who will perform/present on this session1
Additional photoAdditional photo
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