Primary Contact NameCount Eric C Hughes
Artist NameCount Eric C Hughes
CountryUnited States

Count Eric C Hughes is a drummer and educator in the Houston, TX area. He is the former Drum Set Committee Chair for PAS and recipient of both the PAS Supporter and PAS Service Awards. As a member of the Texas PAS Chapter Eric was called upon to create the first ever edition of the Drum Set category for the statewide UIL Prescribed Music List with Christian Dorn.

A lifelong educator and performer, Eric has previously taught music and percussion classes at Wharton County Junior College (TX) and Plymouth State University (NH) as well as Westside High School and Hightower High School, both located in the Houston area. He is currently the private percussion lesson teacher for Klein Collins High School in Spring, TX.

As a performer, Eric has shared the stage with soul legends Archie Bell, Barbara Lynn and Roy Head; toured the country with Jesse Dayton and John Doe. He holds a Masters in Studio Music and Jazz from the Univ. of Miami, FL and a BA of Music from Plymouth State University.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic
Session TitleThe Art Of Listening
Session Description (2000 characters or less)

For those of us that have the ability to use our hears we hear thousands of sounds a day without ever realizing it. Some sounds naturally draw our ears to them; others we shut out or ignore. Having the ability to isolate and focus on certain sounds is tremendously important to all musicians but we drummers tend to do it quite well.

In this clinic, I will discuss the types of listening and use several musical examples to demonstrate how we listen and how we can better use our ears to make us better players. This will be an interactive clinic as I will be asking the audience several questions and we will be discussing the responses. There will also be three interactive activities that require focused listening, including writing a “chart on the fly,” at the end of the clinic to see if, in fact, we have been listening.

Total number of people who will perform/present on this session1
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