Primary Contact NameBrandon Faulkner
Artist NameBrandon Faulkner
CountryUnited States

After several years of performing, Brandon’s passions led him to expand his knowledge and skill. Beginning to study with notable jazz player Daniel Glass lead Brandon to explore down a rabbit hole of educational avenues: deep diving into rudimental playing, being accepted into the National Association of Rudimental Drummers and getting PAS certified in rudimental drumming. Brandon has taken his devotion for exceptional drumming even further seeking instruction from great teachers including Barry James, the last living student of the distinguished George Lawrence Stone.

Carrying on the legacy of Stone and the teachings of Billy Gladstone, additionally using his knowledge of Moeller, Brandon is becoming an in demand educator helping experienced and new drummers have a better understanding of movement, the use of rudiments, and how to incorporate all the great techniques together to be more relaxed and fluid in their own performing.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic
Session TitleStick Control, From the pad to the drum set.
Session Description (2000 characters or less)

I will be demonstrating ideas and exercises I have designed with my students showing how the George Lawrence Stone book "Stick Control can be used on the drum set.
Taking several of the exercises on page 5, I will take the student through practice routines going from a straight 1/4 note ride pattern and 2/4 hi hat through to the jazz ride pattern and swinging the exercises. I will also show how these exercises can help develop hand and foot techniques to build independence on the kit in any musical situation. Also taking exercises from page 6 and working them into a latin-esque styles to help students start to understand that style of music.

Total number of people who will perform/present on this session1
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