Primary Contact NameDimitri Fantini
Artist NameDimitri Fantini
CountryUnited States

In recent years, Dimitri Fantini has become known on the world stage for his unique voice as a musician and educator. Originally from Philadelphia, Dimitri received a drumset for his very first birthday and never stopped from there. He cut his teeth in recording studios throughout his childhood and high school years, studying at Cab Calloway School of the Arts. Today, Dimitri can be found producing and recording out of Red Bridge Studios in Savage, Maryland, where he creates music for a wide range of artists and projects.

In the education sphere, Dimitri has pushed the boundaries of how the drums are traditionally taught, finding new and innovative ways to help the next generation of musicians. His book “The Total Drummer: a guide to developing your style, feel, touch, groove and more” was published by Hal Leonard in 2022 and continues to receive high accolades.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic / Performance
Session TitleThe Modern Musical Blueprint
Session Description (2000 characters or less)

Dimitri Fantini is at the forefront of modern drumming and music production while he performs, teaches and demonstrates his concepts in this presentation of his new musical project NoRadio both through performance and instruction.

Dimitri will breakdown how a modern record gets made as well as the art and science of how the drumset fits into that picture, both live and in the studio.

This clinic can be performed and taught solo with tracks, or alongside the band's other member, virtuoso vocalist Marissa Zechinato.

Total number of people who will perform/present on this session1-2
Additional photoAdditional photo
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