Kalani is a professional musician, music educator, music-therapist, and mindfulness teacher. His podcast, EVOLVE – an exploration of mindfulness and spirituality, is published on iTunes and kalanidas.com. With over 20 years of teaching music in community settings and developing music therapy and wellness programs for a wide variety of populations, Kalani is in a unique position to speak to the similarities between the practice of the musician and the teachings of mindfulness. Kalani has been a featured speaker on radio programs and conferences that focus on well being. His is a frequent presenter at conferences around the world.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Music Mindfulness

With a recent rise in interest in Mindfulness and teachings that help people reduce anxiety, improve mood, and cope with life’s challenges, musicians find themselves with valuable skills and strategies to offer those who are seeking to tune out the noise and tune into life. Musicians, whether they know it or not, develop many of the same skills and reap the same benefits as people who practice mindfulness. This session will help participants identify and use the many benefits of an active music practice. Topics include deep listening, non-judgment, focused attention, acceptance, enhanced curiosity, and other music and mindfulness practices. Participants will leave with new practices they can use for themselves and share with others.