Primary Contact NameClaus Hessler
Artist NameClaus Hessler

At home both in the teaching and performing world, Claus Hessler appears to be a leading figure in drumset education. Coaching people like ANIKA NILLES (Jeff Beck, Nevell), PHILO TSOUNGUI (Mars Volta) or the likes of DAVID GARIBALDI or JOHNNY RABB has earned him international reputation as a master teacher. The platform appears as a natural extension of his book publications and teachings. In the past Claus has traveled globally to over 40 countries to teach and perform at DRUMEO (CAN), BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC (USA), ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC (UK), and many more. Six international book releases including testimonials from STEVE GADD, JOHN BECK, ALEX ACUNA, VIC FIRTH and STEVE SMITH. Teaching positions as associate professor at UNIVERSITY OF MUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTS in Frankfurt, and UNIVERSITY OF POPULAR MUSIC in Mannheim, Germany. As a master student of JIM CHAPIN and DOM FAMULARO, open-handed playing and his mastery of Moeller Technique appear as his trademarks

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic
Session TitleThe Rhythm Game
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RHYTHM and rhythmic abilities along with the hearing skills needed to control your performance is a key skill in drumming education. Some people even consider rhythm the old AND new frontier in drumming. Topics such as groupings, unusual subdivisions and nested polyrhythms are extremely popular in contemporary drum set playing. But how do you create and generate those ideas? And how can you educate yourself (and your students) to develop improved rhythmic abilities? The clinic will offer a structured, in-depth approach using perspectives from the realms of WORLD MUSIC (including African and Carnatic influences), SWISS RUDIMENTS, and fresh methods to use these sources of inspiration. Besides the unexpected common ground with KONNAKOL and the world of rudiments, the topic of COLLAPSED and EXPANDED RUDIMENTS (a concept of the late great JIM CHAPIN) will be just one of the tools used here to manipulate patterns and create unexpected playground. Claus will explain and demonstrate these strategies in solo excerpts and musical applications. It is all about going beyond the stage of just applying a certain rudiment by analyzing, reconnecting and evaluating isolated elements to finally create new ideas and drumming vocabulary for different styles of music. The systems used will apply from easy to intermediate to advanced levels of drumming.

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