Primary Contact NameDave schoepke
Artist Namedave schoepke
CountryUnited States

Milwaukee-based Dave Schoepke is a unique drummer and percussionist whose wide-ranging approach always puts meaning and substanceahead of virtuosity. As a touring and recording artist, with 50 albums to his credit he is comfortable holding down the groove for artists like Willy Porter or former Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre; composing layered avant-garde or meditational music solo or with collaborators; or letting loose in freewheeling improvisational settings,Dave is always hailed for his musicality, his professionalism, and his thoughtfulness as an artist and a human. A dedicated teacher, Dave holds a busy teaching studio and released two drum set books through publisher Troy Nelson Music in 2022 & is releasing 2 in 2023. Dave’s first solo project, Drums On Low(2019), received acclaimed reviews from Modern Drummer, Recording Magazine, and on-line music critics and has released 2 more solo albums since. He's done clinics with Ed Thigpen, Paul Wertico and Dom Famularo and others.

CategoryDrum Set
Session TypeClinic
Session TitleCreating Solo Drum Set Music
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Focus on tuning, sound approaches and recording techniques along with approaching the drum set from different conceptual angles thinking of it as a singular melodic instrument. Avoiding the trappings of approaching it with limited range and being open to new ideas of the role of the drum set in music.
Talk about collaborations with other artists as well and developing relationships with like-minded artists.

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