Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Two-Way Street is the duo of Adam Lion (percussion) and Ashlee Booth (cello.) They collaborate on a multitude of interdisciplinary projects, exploring ideas such as experimentation, technology, and socio-political concerns.

The duo additionally maintains an active presence in contemporary music communities across the United States, with recent engagements including an artistic residency at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute, and performances at the Black Mountain College {RE}Happening Festival, the New Music Gathering at Boston Conservatory, the University of Chicago, and the Red Room (Baltimore.)

Their most recent project with composer Sarah Hennies will be released through the Astral Spirits label in 2020.

ABOUT THE IMPROV SESSION: Two-Way Street performs the Graphic Score’s of Nature’s Way Montessori School

Currently teaching at Natures Way Montessori SchooI, Adam Lion (percussion) has developed a curriculum that grants all students artistic agency through creative listening practices, graphic score creation, and instrument creation.

The graphic scores of NWMS students (grades 4-6) are an interpretation of the sounds they hear at school. Tasking his students with abstract thought processing, Adam challenged them to transfer sound into visual representation in their own unique way. The result is a collection of graphic scores varying in visual aesthetics and styles. Two-Way street has since programmed these scores for various performances around Knoxville, one of which was a live radio performance for children.

For PASIC, Two-Way Street would like present a 10 minute session interpreting 1-3 scores from this collection. The session would also include a visual aspect, as the scores will be displayed for the audience to view.



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August 30, 2019