Troy C. Wollwage is an executive manager, the last 15 years with Yamaha, the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world.

An MBA from Boston University and a BS in Business from the USC Marshall School of Business provided the starting point for Troy’s career with firms such multinational organizations as Yamaha Corporation of America and IBM Global Services.

At Yamaha, Troy leads the Percussion Instrument marketing and product team for the worldwide leader in musical instruments. In over 16 years with the company, Troy has guided the team through market ups and downs, introduced numerous products that created new areas of sales growth, increased both revenue and profit, managed all product development activities coupled with managing over 500 distributors and promotional displays at over 30 industry events a year.

He has led engagements to improve business processes and operational effectiveness in managing multiple tasks and priorities within fast-changing environments.

ABOUT THE SESSION: Finding a Job in the Music Industry – What to Know Before You Begin

I have learned over the course of time is that many young people are not fully educated on the important aspects of writing a resume, writing a cover letter, networking with potential employers at industry events, and the protocols of conducting oneself in a job interview.

In this Professional Development Lecture, my goal is to provide some basic understanding on how to go about interviewing for a job. 

Cover Letter

  1. Keep it one page.
  2. Use the standard format for name, date and salutation.
  3. Make it specific to the job in which you are applying.
  4. Proofread it.


  1. Keep it to one page.
  2. Have a mentor read over your resume for advice.
  3. Proofread it.
  4. Use action words such as directed, lead, advanced, provided, launched, completed.
  5. Use no more than 3 bullets to describe each job held.


  1. Be calm and confident.
  2. Have a game plan and practice at home.
  3. Introduce yourself using your full name.
  4. Have three questions in your back pocket.



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September 30, 2019