Trio der Kinderspiel is embedded in a practice that prioritizes contemplative sonic autonomy over virtuosic individualistic gesture. TdK deconstructs notions of percussive noise through accentuation of sounds abstracted to their independent elements and their resultant amalgamation when sounded or silent in resonant spaces.

TdK creates aggregate percussion instruments by utilizing objects such as drums, wood, and porcelain sheets as amplifiers for seemingly inconspicuous actions generated by friction, gravity, and collision. In executing this music, continual observations of a sound’s noisiness, grain, and pitch spectra provide the group with tactile intentionality during free improvisations. TdK operates as an atmosphere by allowing the weather to change through clear-cut decisions that create a soft complexity through which sounds can thrive. 

TdK is Justin Greene, Austin Lemmons, and Aaron Levy.


Trio der Kinderspiel will perform a 10-20 minute free improvisation for “The DIY Percussionist: Celebrating Creativity and Self-Determination”. TdK uses musical and non-musical objects as amplifiers for other such objects to create improvisations in dialogue with notable musicians such as Michael Pisaro, Gino Robair, Anthony Braxton, and British free improvisation group AMM. Performances consist of layered sounds that vary in density, pitch, and complexity being maneuvered through processes that exist fluidly between subtle development and strong juxtaposition.


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September 30, 2019