Spectrum Ensemble is a new chamber music group based in Denton, TX, advocating for increased LGBTQ+ representation. 

The ensemble presents concerts of works specially commissioned from queer/ally composers, juxtaposed against works by famous queer composers throughout history like Bernstein, Britten, and Tchaikovsky. The group will perform throughout Texas and the South – where representation is greatly needed – and eventually the entire country. Spectrum donates proceeds from each concert to a LGBTQ+ charity.

Spectrum’s premier concert in May 2019 includes world premieres of 4 works by queer composers, showcasing wide variety of contemporary elements, including electronics, theatrics, improvisation, and socially-conscious themes. 

On a long term scale, Spectrum aims to create a virtuous network of queer/ally musicians and composers, championing each other’s art and spreading LGBTQ+ representation & normalization to wider audiences, leading to a more socially equitable future for all.

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE PIECE: Spectrum Ensemble plays Alex Temple: New Music for the Era of Social Equity

Spectrum Ensemble is proud to bring their mission advocating for increased LGBTQ+ representation to PASIC’s New Music Presents. In this  session, we will present a world premier piece by accomplished transgender composer, Alex Temple. 

This session also serves as a showcase of all that was accomplished in our first year as an ensemble, including: 

-launching Spectrum Ensemble

-working closely with 4 queer composers to create compelling new music that reflects the current state of our world for our first cycle of world premieres in May 2019

-building a community of supporters online who care about LGBTQ+ representation

– giving back to the community by donating to the Coalition for Aging LGBT based in Dallas, Tx.

We hope this session sparks a greater interest in LGBTQ+ representation in the percussion community, and demonstrates how a composer/musician’s art is informed by all of the beautiful parts of their identity.



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August 30, 2019