Saakumu Dance Troupe

The Saakumu Dance Troupe of Ghana, West Africa is dedicated to introducing audiences to traditional and contemporary African dance and music. Saakumu, meaning tradition, derives its repertoire from a variety of traditional and contemporary cultures with creativity. As an artist-founded association, the Saakumu Dance Troupe is driven by a passion for bringing innovative dances and world music to our audiences. The award winning Saakumu Dance Troupe is one of the leading traditional/contemporary dance and music groups in Ghana. Created by master musician, Bernard Woma, the group performs a variety of African musical genres ranging from spiritual, ceremonial, recreational, and contemporary African dance forms. Their music and dance is joyful, expressive and highly participatory. Saakumu Dance Troupe has performed at important Ghanaian governmental functions, and tours internationally throughout West Africa and the US.


About the Session

Saakumu Dance Troupe – Celebrating Bernard Woma

This special performance of the Saakumu Dance Troupe took place at master Ghanaian gyil player Bernard Woma’s funeral. Recorded in July, 2018 by Matthew Aubeuf, Saakumu’s presentation offers PASIC audiences a unique opportunity to witness the ensemble performing in its cultural context. Although it was Bernard Woma’s dream to have his ensemble perform at PASIC, the group could not afford to travel to the US for the convention. This presentation will focus on two genres: Bine, the Dagara Funeral music; and Bewaa, the Dagara recreational harvest music. The ensemble will be introduced from the Bernard Woma Dagara Music Center (BWDMC) in Ghana and moderated by members of BWDMC-USA.

The prominent exposure of this PASIC performance is an effort in advocacy for Saakumu and the BWDMC as the global pandemic has stopped all of their economic activity. Finally, this presentation offers an important tribute to Bernard Woma and his musical legacy.

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