Dr. Nate Lee serves as Instructor of Percussion at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA. Nate holds degrees from the University of Georgia (DMA, MM) and Indiana University (BM, BA-Economics), and has performed and recorded in variety of contexts.

ABOUT THE CLINIC: Salsa Percussion FUNdamentals

Our clinic will address the elements of a cohesive and dynamic salsa band’s percussion section. The basic grooves and parts on congas, bongó and timbales are often taught in many books and videos, but it is crucial to understand how these fit into a cohesive salsa percussion section. As a salsa tune evolves, each player must execute specific changes that literally shift “gears” and drive the music forward. Our session aims to demystify these concepts and make them accessible to all attendees. The clinic will begin with an introduction to standard instrumentation, basic tone production, and the fundamental components of salsa music: clave, montuno and tumbao. After these are established, we will move on to detailing the “gear” system. Each of these “gears” will be explained piece by piece, and then added together to create a unified percussion section for all stages of the music. The final portion of the clinic will feature demonstrations of this system in various contexts.

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE PIECE: Timothy Adams, Jr. and Nate Lee

Art in its purest form is a reflection of culture. As musical artists, we have a responsibility to create music that raises awareness, starts dialogue, and helps individuals navigate through the issues our society is facing. Immigration is one especially close to our hearts. The movement and migration of individuals and groups is not new. The whole modern world owes its structure to the effects of these movements and the blending of cultures. We live in a country of immigrants; most can trace their ancestry back to other continents. Now and since the beginning, people have sought better lives for themselves and their families through immigration to foreign lands. Their motivations are strong as are those of the people in power who may choose to help or hinder them. We present a new work for percussion duo: a musical exploration of these many facets. This improvisatory work will feature acoustic, electronic, and electroacoustic instruments.


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August 21, 2019