Mary Tolena

Mary Tolena is a musical nomad who visits people she meets through the worldwide network of drum circle and rhythm event facilitators on her “drumabout” travels.

Mary’s dynamic learning programs weave principles of business, group development, and rhythm facilitation. Mary hosts the “Superpower Circle” podcast series, and is creator of the video course, “The Business of Drumming in Business.” She is co-author of the ebook Rhythms of Influence with Ju Linares.

Over the years, Mary has been a frequent collaborator and organizer with Arthur Hull, the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, and the Seattle World Rhythm Festival.

About the Session

Rhythm’s Code for Strange New Times

If you’re reading this, you’ve brought the power of rhythm into your life in your own unique way — and are undoubtedly happier for it.

With the world now turned so upside down, let’s take another look at the fundamental concept of rhythm, and how it can help us stay grounded, oriented, and connected with others.

In this session, we’ll look at 5 elements of rhythm to (re)discover the profound lessons they offer — especially useful for these times. You’ll learn new ways to call on fundamentals like pulse and cycle in ways that will help you:

• Reduce stress and build resilience for yourself
• Design engaging rhythm programs for groups
• Help your participants and students restore interpersonal connections, both in-person and online

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