Kin Lam Lam is an artist, percussionist, and composer who seeks to explore the intersections of music, electronics, and visual media. Kin Lam explores the world with a beginner’s mind and tries to bring in new possibilities to the things that we encounter every day. Having a passion in DIY aesthetic, Kin Lam enjoys building his own tools as well as discovering strange sounds using handmade instrument and electronics.

Kin Lam holds a Bachelor of Music in percussion performance from Sam Houston State University under the instruction of Dr. John Lane. A member of the Sam Houston Percussion Group, he has worked with and premiered works by Danny Clay, Brian Herrington, Jeff Herriott, and Monica Pearce. In 2017, Kin Lam performed at Percussive Arts Society International Convention with the Sam Houston Percussion Group. He is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in sound art at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Echo is a piece for percussion and interactive score written for New Music Presents.  It is a structural improvisation consisting of graphic notation and a set of instructions.  During the performance, the score will respond to the musician’s playing, i.e., dynamics, texture, and pitch will affect certain visual elements of the score, which in turn will influence the performer. Hence, the computer and the performer are in dialogue.

Apart from composing, rehearsing, and performing this piece, I am also responsible for creating the interactive score using Max/MSP and Processing. Technology has always been an essential tool for me not only in performance but also in the process of creating new artistic ideas. By embracing the DIY spirit, I am trying to expand the category from composer/percussionist to facilitator of an analog-digital conversation on decision making.



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September 30, 2019