Justin DeHart

From Sacramento, California, Justin DeHart is a GRAMMY-nominated performer of contemporary musical styles from classical to pop, and from world to electronic. Justin is a current member of Los Angeles Percussion Quartet (LAPQ) and his musical resume includes performances with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, pipa master Wu Man, and various pop legends, including Cheap Trick.

Justin holds a B.M. degree from CSU Sacramento, a M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts, and a D.M.A. from UC San Diego. He appears on over 100 solo, chamber and contemporary releases on MCA, Sony, Mode, Innova, Sono Luminus, Albany, New World, HatHut, Populist, Bridge, Sub Pop, and Skunk Records. A Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Canterbury, in Christchurch, New Zealand, Justin is a Yamaha Performing Artist and an endorser of Black Swamp Percussion, REMO, Sabian, and Innovative Percussion Inc.

About the Performance Piece

Eleanor Hovda’s CYMBALMUSIC II: Centerflow/Trails (1983) for double bowed cymbals and audience

Composer Note: Cymbalmusic/Centerflow II is the second piece from a series of five pieces made for double cymbals. Centerflow II uses double bowed cymbals with double bass bows.

I was working on the “mind and body energies” that happen during the process of cross-country skiing, and began to use the cymbals during my own “bowing stride,” and con- tinue for an extended period of time, allowing sounds to evolve, grow, dissolve in a situation where the only “con- trolling” factor is “bowing stride” and the freedom to make choices about the degree of energy and metric “phrasing” of “strides.” In Cymbalmusic II, the cymbal player collabo- rates with the audience. Long tones (hummed and/or whis- tled), made by the audience and performer, are folded into the cymbal sonorities.

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