Jimmy Chamberlin



Grammy Award winning musician, writer, producer, and educator.  

As the propulsive engine driving the Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Chamberlin earned respect as one of the most popular, influential drummers of the ’90s. The importance of Chamberlin’s drumming on the Pumpkins’ music cannot be understated. His extraordinarily quick hands, furious snare rolls, and crackling rimshots recalled the likes of Ian Paice and Dennis Chambers, and yet equally important to the band was his tasteful, understated playing on their quieter numbers. This oft-overlooked side of his ability revealed a musician of considerable depth and creativity with a keen ear for nuance, which made him a glove-like fit for the wide range of material the Pumpkins produced in their existence.
In addition to the Pumpkins, Chamberlin has his own project – The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex which encompasses everything from fusion to straight ahead to alternative, and is active in the Chicago Jazz Scene playing with the great tenor player Frank Catalano among many others.


During this session, Jimmy will play some music from both the Smashing Pumpkins as well as his solo material and then dive in to what it is that make some drummers immediately identifiable. He will explore the differences between having chops and having a voice. Between technique and self expression and where the two meet! He will talk about the creation of some of his most signature drum parts and how those parts came about.  Towards the end of the session, Jimmy will take questions from the audience.



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July 29, 2019