JaW Percussion, comprised of Wesley Fowler and Joe Berry, is a contemporary chamber music group that seeks to make compelling music through collaborative experiences. The duo has performed and recorded works including Tristan Perich’s Impermanent, Eric Cha-Beach’s 4+9, and David Coll’s Hazardous Materials #1. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, JaW has reached out and worked alongside groups like Line Upon Line Percussion, Sō Percussion, videographer Kendall Hayden, and composer Alex Gray. Combining their experience in jazz drumset, improvisation, electroacoustic mediums, and contemporary percussion, JaW values diversity and experimentation both within and beyond the pieces they play. By focusing on commissioning projects, the duo seeks to be a part of the incredibly exciting and innovative age of modern music making.

ABOUT THE IMPROV SESSION: New Music Premier with Composer, Darian Thomas

JaW Percussion is currently in the process of commissioning a new 10-minute duo from Darian Thomas incorporating electronics and DIY instruments built by JaW member, Joe Berry. Darian is a spellbinding young composer working in many fields from solo violin to percussion, to electronics and wonderfully incorporates seemingly unapproachable subject matter including police violence, America’s history of systemic racism, and growing up as an LGBTQ black man into pieces that are as beautiful as they are heart-wrenching. JaW are excited to be able to know and work with Darian, and hope to share his music with the broader percussion community.


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August 30, 2019