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Jason Ginter is the owner of JGpercussion, a company dedicated to making the highest quality handmade timpani mallets. JG mallets can be heard in concert halls around the world, and JGpercussion recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

Formerly the Principal Timpanist of the San Diego Symphony, Jason has performed with orchestras around the world, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Norwegian Opera Orchestra and the Fort Worth Symphony.

Jason lives in San Diego with his wife and daughter.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Making Timpani Mallets

Making and maintaining one’s own mallets is an essential part of playing percussion. This workshop will explore the topic of making timpani mallets, including hands-on instruction in shaping bamboo shafts and various sewing techniques.

This class will be divided into four segments:

  1. Qualities of a useful pair of mallets
  2. An introduction to the necessary supplies and materials
  3. Construction of bamboo mallets
  4. Basic sewing techniques

Participants will be provided with all necessary materials: 
cork cores
thread and needle
instructional handout

This class has been presented at the following institutions:
Eastman School of Music 
Juilliard School of Music
New York University
Cincinnati-Conservatory of Music 
Depaul University- Chicago 
Aarhus Conservatory- Denmark
Shenyang Conservatory- China 
University of Southern California



Posted on

August 30, 2019