Justin Greene and Elizabeth Theriot consider the intersections between spoken word and experimental sound as they explore queer frameworks for interrogating non-normative bodies and identities. Their collaborations exist as a murky swamp of improvisations and composed scores augmented by strategies, cues, and games meant to generate democratically constructed performances.

Elizabeth’s interests involve the complexities of living inside a body, and how that interacts with emotional expression and longing. Her writings explore loss, trauma, joy, and tenderness. Engrossed by sounds abstracted to their independent elements and their resultant amalgamation when sounded or silenced in acoustic spaces, Justin creates aggregate percussion instruments in real-time by utilizing objects such as drums and porcelain sheets as amplifiers for seemingly inconspicuous sounds. Their music highlights tension and release through contemplative listening. 

Justin and Elizabeth are from Louisiana.

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE PIECE: A Queer-y of Sonic Intentions

Greene/Theriot will perform a 10-20 minute improvisation for “The DIY Percussionist: Celebrating Creativity and Self-Determination”. Greene/Theriot uses original writings and freely improvised material to create improvisations in dialogue with artists such as John Cage and David Tudor, Spalding Gray, Adeena Karasick, Gabriel Dharmoo, and Pauline Oliveros. Performances consist of text and sounds that vary in density, pitch, and complexity, maneuvered through ruminative communication patterns that accentuate the material’s relationship and fluidly exist between subtle development and strong juxtaposition.



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August 30, 2019