Emmanuel Séjourné

Emmanuel Sejourne is a composer, percussionist and teacher.

His music is rythmic, romantic, energetic, inspired both by the Western classical tradition and by popular culture (jazz, rock, extra-Européan).

His concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra, commissioned and performed by Bogdan Bacanu, has since 2005 become an major work of the marimba repertoire, played more than 600 times with orchestra.

Eager to share and communicate his passion, Emmanuel Séjourné is also Head Teacher of Percussion Department at the Strasbourg (France) Superior Academy of Music & arts and Associate Professor at HEMU Lausanne (Switzerland).

Simultaneously, Emmanuel Séjourné makes a career as an instrumentalist.

As a soloist, as well as with the ensemble Accroche-Note, he has so far premiered over hundred pieces of music (Donatoni, Manoury, Fedele, Hurel…) including concertos, chamber music and solos.

He is often invited to sit on jurys for numerous international ARD Munich, Geneve, Tromp and Salzburg Competition.

About the Session

writing & interpretation

Musical writing has become very precise. But can it really transcribe all the composer’s thoughts? Is the composer able to write down all his parameters? Does the performer reach a point where he or she feels stuck, blocked by the writing?

What are the limits and boundaries? Each style of music writing has its own codes and conventions, some of which are written down, some of which are not. What is the place of the composer and the performer? During this session, I will try to give some ideas for work.

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