Emily Lemmerman: Ellie Mannette Memorial Symphony of Steel



Emily Lemmerman discovered pan at Ithaca College in the studio of Gordon Stout. After graduation, she studied with Ellie Mannette from 1998-2004, training to become a master tuner. After working in the field for 20 years, she is now an internationally recognized pan tuner. Across these decades, she remained close with Ellie, and is passionately dedicated to promoting his vision of the pan as an orchestral instrument. Emily named her company, Barracuda Steel Drums, in honor of him, as well as her daughter Eliza.

Emily is an active performer, clinician, composer and panelist. For four years, she was the Workshop Coordinator for Ellie’s summer clinic now known as the “Festival of Steel.” In Austin, where she now lives, she founded a similar event, the “Inside Out Steelband Camp,”” which has been running successfully for over ten seasons. She has performed at many PASICs, in many Panoramas, and also serves on the Steering Committee of the National Society of Steel Band Educators.

ABOUT THE SHOWCASE CONCERT: Ellie Mannette Memorial Symphony of Steel

This showcase concert will feature new steelband music written with the great Ellie Mannette in mind, by composers who he admired, respected and loved.

In honor of Ellie Mannette (d. 2018)- “Father of the Modern Steel Drum,” member of the PAS Hall of Fame, and world-renowned pan builder, tuner, and pioneer- I propose a showcase of steelband music that celebrates his vision and commemorates his life. 

Confirmed composers are Gary Gibson, Emily Lemmerman, Dave Longfellow, Tom Miller, Jeff Narell, and Victor Provost. These composers all had a deep connection with Ellie, and the music will reflect that. Two of these pieces are already complete.

The performance will feature the McCallum Fine Arts Academy Steelband from Austin Texas, alongside professional players from across the country.

The program will be curated and organized by Emily Lemmerman, with logistical support from Rick Kurasz and Tracy Thornton- both of whom have presented successful “mass band” showcases at PASIC.



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September 30, 2019