DesoDuo is a contemporary percussion duet residing in Southern California specializing in the unearthing of unique practices into handcrafted performances.

Kevin Good is a composer and percussionist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Kevin’s music explores silence, extended durations, and the use of notebooks. Kevin received his Bachelor’s in Percussion Performance and Musical Composition from The Hartt School and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Performer-Composer at California Institute of the Arts.

Katie Eikam is a percussionist from Northern California. Primarily, she collaborates with artists specializing in music of the 20th and 21st century in live performances, recordings, and teachings. Eikam is a graduate of Chapman University, Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music, and holds a Bachelor of Music-Instrumental Performance (BM). Recently, she graduated from California Institute of the Arts where she received her Masters of Fine Arts-Instrumental Performance (MFA).

ABOUT THE PERFORMANCE PIECE: New work by Laura Steenberge “Excuse Emily and her Atoms”

DesoDuo is commissioning a site-specific piece by Laura Steenberge to be premiered at PASIC. The performance utilizes paper, theatrics, and Emily Dickinson’s poems to evoke delicate and quiet sounds. The visual elements of the piece enhances the sounds ability to travel through a large space such as the Indianapolis Convention Center.

“The new work that I am developing with DesoDuo originated in an independent study with Kevin Good in the spring of 2018 about experimental journals, using Emily Dickinson’s “envelope poems” as a source of inspiration. That conversation is now being carried into the musical realm as a percussion duo that explores language and meaning, edges and frames, and the sound and motion of paper. This piece builds on a number of works from the past ten years involving close collaborations with performers and experiments with quotidian materials. For prior examples, please see Perseus Slays the Gorgon Medusa, developed with Radical 2 in 2015″ -Laura Steenberge”



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August 30, 2019