Christopher Butler

Dr. Christopher Butler is currently a Senior Lecturer in Percussion at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Dr. Butler proudly endorses Innovative Percussion and Marimba One.

At Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Dr. Butler oversees the percussion area and directs the SIU Percussion Ensemble. In addition, Dr. Butler teaches several courses within the School of Music that are focused on new musical possibilities created by the confluence of technology and music.

In 2016, Dr. Butler completed his doctorate in percussion performance at the University of Kentucky under the advisement of Prof. James Campbell.

His research on the use of Rhythm and Meter within the music of Alejandro Viñao culminated that same year with the completion of his dissertation titled “Understanding the Percussion Works of Alejandro Viñao: An Analysis and Performer’s Guide of WATER for Percussion Ensemble.”

About the Session

Live-Looping Unlocked: Electronic Performance Techniques with Ableton Live

With the confluence between percussion and music technology at an all-time high, this clinic will explore innovative electronic techniques through Ableton Live, a popular digital audio workstation. Topics such as live-looping, audio/midi effects, automation, and the incorporation of visual elements will be explored.

Beginners will discover a logical roadmap to start exploring these electronic techniques including recommended gear and equipment. Experienced electronic musicians will hopefully discover innovative new ideas to incorporate within their own work.

The clinic will include performances of new works for percussion and electronics including the world premiere of “Tricentric Space” from composer Christopher Walczak.

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