Brian Frasier-Moore

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA… Started playing at 5 yrs old at Fellowship Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C…there is where I learned disciple under the direction of Alexander Ingram…

I continued on to pursue music or touring and I started to get a lot of recognition in the city of brotherly love….I was working part-time at a local publication called “The Legal Intelligencer…working as an editor didn’t really satisfy my true luv…music..

I then started to get calls for tours and artist that I respected and listened to myself….such as Aaliyah, Ginuine and Les Nubians….Les Nubians was the first Musical Director’s job…not including the millions of stage plays that I’ve been a part of…

Being a Musical Director opened my mind to music and allowed me to hear the music and not myself… My journey continues and Im grateful.

About the Session

Brian Frasier-Moore’s Theories, Mechanics and Thoughts of Execution

BFM will take you through some of his theories, mechanics and thoughts of execution when performing on stage, giving clinics as well as recording in the studio. Breaking it down. Explaining it in detail. Sharing information and stories that you can relate to and apply in your journey. From grooves to combinations BFM will share his experiences and knowledge in hopes that someone can take something home with them.

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