Bolokada Conde

Bolokada Conde is a master among masters and one of the richest treasures of Malinke music and folklore on earth.

Born and raised in the villages of Morowaya, Guinea, Conde has performed for thousands of people and at the highest level.

A spellbinding Grandmaster Djembefola, Conde takes pride in sharing the Malinke rhythms, songs, and culture with sheer passion, patience, and remarkable zeal.

Conde started out as a young musical prodigy who became a sensation in the Sankaran region of Guinea, West Africa. As a master folklorist, he became the premier djembe player in all the major village celebrations in the region for many years. Conde later joined the world famous Les Percussion du Guinee to replace the legendary Momoudy Keita as their lead drummer. Conde’s mission is to share the epic rhythms, stories, and culture of the Malinke people and nurture your musical life journey.


About the Session

Grand Master Bolokada Conde on djembe

This session will be partly an interview, partly a demonstration and partly a class with the renowned Grand Master of Djembe Bolokada Conde from Guinea, West Africa. Bring your drum or something you can drum on! Michael Taylor of the Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy – Chicago will be facilitating the session.

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