Bill Sallak



Bill is an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where he directs programs in percussion and recording technology. As a performer, conductor, composer, technologist, and researcher, his work has appeared at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Fifth International Conference on Minimalist Music (Turku and Helsinki, Finland), the Blurred Edges Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Cultura UNAM (Mexico City), the Jeonju (South Korea) International Film Festival, the World Congress on Dance Research (Athens, Greece), the Transplanted Roots Symposium (Montreal, QC), the International Deep Listening Art/Science Conference, the InterMedia Festival, the National Dance Education Organization Conference, the Northern California Performance Platform, the John Donald Robb Composers Symposium, Aspen Dance Connection, the Phoenix Experimental Arts Festival, le poisson rouge, and numerous Percussive Arts Society International Conferences.

ABOUT THE RESEARCH LIGHTNING SESSION: Baroque Free Ornamentation at the Marimba

An overview of the application of Quantz’s ornamentation concepts when performing Bach at the marimba.



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September 30, 2019