Committee member review instructions
Instructions to review
NOTE TO CHAIRS: You have been given access to submitted PASIC applications so that you may become familiar with applications received. DO NOT REVIEW ANY APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME. This access has been granted to you for “viewing only”. You will have your opportunity to rate and comment at the Chair Level Review in a few weeks.
NOTE TO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: You will have the opportunity to begin reviewing three categories that are accessible to you. The rest of the applications are for your viewing, but should not be reviewed until all have been seen by committee members and chairs.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Committee members may proceed with commenting and rating applications by following the instructions below. Click on the plus sign to the right of each content block to view judging guidelines.
General Information and Deadline:
Review freely and fairly.
The review process is completely blind. Be assured that no other committee member or applicants will be able to see your comments or rankings.
Once you submit your comments, they will go into the approval queue for the next level of review and you won’t be able to edit them, or view them anymore. We suggest you type your comments first in a separate document and paste them into the platform once you are done.
Your deadline is FRIDAY, MARCH 1. After that date, you will no longer be given access.
Getting Started:
1) Login at You will be taken to the “Artist Application List” page, which will include your corresponding list.
2) If you are a member of more than one committee, you will see more than one listing, upon login.
3) Once the Application List is open, you have the option of “Sorting” by: App ID, Artist Name, Category or Session Type by clicking on the double arrows, next to each individual header.
How to Review:  If you have applied for a session, please do not comment or rank your own session. 
1) Click on the Application that you would like to review.
2) Once opened, you will see all of the information provided by the applicant. If they provided a link to a web or video site, you can click the link (or copy the URL and paste into the browser address bar). Note: Some applicants may have provided bad URL addresses that may not work properly. This is not the fault of PAS. Feel free to search them on your own through a search engine.
3) If the applicant uploaded a music file, there will be an Audio link shown. Click on the link to download the file or play it. This may take several minutes depending on your player and the size of the file. Be patient.
4) If the artist provided a “Detailed Session Description” or “Research Abstract”, there will be a link. Simply click to open or download it.
*Unfortunately, not all the applicants provided complete information so do not let it surprise you if one or more of the above items are missing. Make the best review possible with the information they have provided.
5) If after considering the application you feel that the proposal would be better considered for a different “Session Type” than what the artist applied for, you may make note in the review box at the bottom of each application.
6) When you are ready to rank (1 to 5, 5 stars being the highest) and comment, choose the rating that you feel is most appropriate and then type comments in the review section (if needed) in the space provided. Remember, once submitted, you won’t be able to edit or view your comments and ratings anymore. We suggest you type your comments first in a separate document and paste them into the platform only when you are ready to submit. Each comment should have a title, which can be a short phrase. There is a bigger text box to type detailed reviews below the title field.
7) When completed and ready to finalize – Click the “POST REVIEW” button. Each application opens in a new browser tab for ease of referring to the complete list of applicants by going back to the original tab, which contains the full listing.
8) Once you have made your final rankings, comments, and clicked the “POST REVIEW” button for each application, you will see a message stating that you have already submitted a review for this application at the bottom of the page. Your rankings and comments are final. Please take your time prior to making the submission you plan to post.
Committee chair reviews have closed